Transform your life


What's Camelia Botnar about?

If you are aged 16 – 21 and in difficult circumstances or having a tough time, Camelia Botnar is here to help give you a second chance and a way forward. You can get away from your area and get an opportunity to get work experience, training, official certificates, driving theory… and more.

We’ve got eight departments at Camelia Botnar and you will get the chance of three or six months training and work experience in one of them. Then we’ll help you into the world of employment with your new skills. In some cases, where we feel it’s right for you, we might offer for you to stay a bit longer.

We want to help you transform your life, to get you from where you are now to a position of confidence, onto a new track, with a new future ahead.

What will I learn?

It depends on the department, but you will get training and work experience and build up a portfolio. You’ll also have the chance to get a range of qualifications and certificates. Some examples are: the CSCS card that means you can work on construction sites, chainsaw tickets, first aid, working at heights, food hygiene and driving theory.  You might even get the chance to take practical driving lessons or to do an NVQ.

All of this is paid for by Camelia Botnar.

What about living arrangements?

You will need to come every Sunday evening and stay till five o’clock Friday. It’s a beautiful place, and you get your own room. We have wifi, pool & snooker tables, a gym, a sports hall, a TV lounge and other stuff for you to enjoy in the evenings. There are also trips out to things like bowling, kayaking, go-karting and the cinema.

All of this is paid for by Camelia Botnar.

Do I get paid?

You’re not employed by Camelia Botnar, but your package comes to at least a value of £2500 a month!

You get a £100 education bursary every Friday. (That basically means £100 in your bank account every Friday to save or spend on what you want).

AND, after three months, you will get an Amazon voucher of up to £300… After six months you get another, this time up to £500.

While you are at Camelia Botnar you have no costs: all tutoring, training courses, qualifications, certificates, work equipment, meals, accommodation, activities and trips out are paid for by Camelia Botnar. We even pay for your transport to and from Camelia Botnar on Friday & Sunday (if you use public transport).

So, it’s quite a package!

What's expected of me?

You have to want it. You need to come ready to take this opportunity, to work, to learn, and to take responsibility for your behaviour. There are rules, of course, but they are just what you would expect, really. You also have to come in for the whole week to get your £100 bursary – we don’t give it to you by the day or by the hour.

What we are offering is a hand up in life, not a hand out.

Sounds like something you are interested in?

If you feel that this offers a fantastic opportunity for you or someone you care for then explore our departments and complete an application form to register your interest.